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Cruise Control


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I'm hoping to do this with mine, I have all the switches etc on brake and cutch pedal. Just need to find a steering wheel... And hopefully my GEM is the right one!

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have a look at the Focus guides section there is a conversation of the Cruise control activation with ELM config. I have self made the buttons but I have security issues trying to access the GEM to enable cruise now :( I am in contact with Civil trying to get it to work. I do however, suspect that I may have found a source of Cruise Control switches, I just dont know if they are the right resistance...

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I am currently waiting for the ELM327 thing to arrive to activate cruise control. I was searching for information on this forum and stumbled upon your great guide here. Thanks dezwez!

I still have a couple of questions though:

1. I will change the wiring on the adapter as explained in the first post of the linked thread, including the switch. How will I know in which position to put the switch? And can I switch it while it's plugged in?

2. You wrote in the guide to tick the boxes shown and then to click write. But shouldn't I do a read fist?

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just follow the wiring guide and you will work out how the switch works high or low just mark each side of the code reader when you

have work it out and yes i have switched from high to low without unplugging it

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Thanks for the answer!

OK, so one position is for the MS-CAN options and the other for the HS-CAN ones?

How about my other question about reading before writing?

always read and save anything before writing there a long post about cruse control on the forum well worth a

read its not that easy to do you will have to look for colored wires and need 4 spoke steering wheel with switches for cruse

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