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Fitting New Maf & Bonnet Rod

Jon Read

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Ford, 1994/5, M Reg, Moondust Silver, Mondeo, 1.8i, Petrol, Hatch.

Hi all. I don't know much about engines but I was told by an AA man that came out to fix my car when I broke down that a MAF is easy to fix myself even without knowledge. So, I bought one off eBay, and it has arrived, but it came with the metal housing around it, yet all the youtube videos of fixing a MAF sensor seems to show just the top black part being unscrewed and taken out. Although that may be because they are cleaning rather than replacing. So I have a few questions if anyone can help ? Thanks :)

Firstly, the info. My car kept conking out 10 minutes in to a journey due to a MAF sensor error, seems once the engine got hot it would shut down, sort of felt like the power of the car was pulling back every second or so, then braking stalls the car. So the AA man took out the plug to the MAF and it has worked perfect since, but he told me the fuel economy won't be good leaving it like that. So I bought a new one as mentioned above.

1. So would you suggest I replace the whole housing, which has the new sensor attached, or just the removal part of the sensor ?

2. Would I need to disconnect the battery first ?

3. Is there much that can go wrong, or is it easy enough to do ?

4. When I took my car to my local Ford garage for a previous job they seem to have lost or broke the hook part of the rod that holds open the bonnet. I still have the rod, but I don't have the part that the bottom hooks in to when the bonnet is held open. What do I need to replace that ? I still have the catch but this is only of use when laid down ready to close. If anyone has one to sell please let me know.

Thanks for any help !!

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2 Easy Jobs TBH as long as you can hold a spanner / screwdriver etc.


Disconnect the battery with anything electrical stops you causing a short electrocuting yourself or causing a spike in the electronics of the car etc

I would remove the entire thing, housing & Sensor etc normally held in with 2 Jubilee clips or something unplug the wiring connector and fit the new one!!!

If your missing the bonnet stay clip etc just go to a local scrap yard locate a car the same as yours and remove // purchase the parts your missing and the bonus is you get to see exactly how its fitted!

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Thanks for that info. So I just undo the negative battery connection first ? Do I need to worry about a shock, or is negative shock free ?

Yes, it seems to be held by jubilee clips.

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There will be a spark etc it the lead touches the terminal but no i wouldnt worry about a shock you should be ok just make sure that you put the leads away from the battery me personnally i remove the battery for a belt n braces approach if im honest

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