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mk6 grill


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@m1tch If the grille's tip on your car was/is chrome (or lengthier plastic), then you have a Ford Fiesta MK6.5 (facelift) with any trim option apart from ST or "Zetec S" (not to be confused with just "Zetec"). You have the standard Fiesta; not that it's bad, I do too.

The car shown in the OP's screenshot is a ST or Zetec S (as in the MK6, both shared the same design, irrespective of facelift). The design of these two models differ from all other Fiestas in terms of front and rear-end.

@mama_bear The screenshot of the car you posted is a member on another forum and I've talked with him numerous times. His car is the ST and is completely spray-painted (engine bay too) not wrapped.

If you don't know, as I mentioned the front and rear end are different on a ST/Zetec S, this includes the grille. The Ford badge is larger on these models and the bottom tip is pretty much non-existent, it's very thin compared to regular MK6 Fiestas.

Apologies for not posting earlier but after seeing incorrect/incomplete information being shared/passed around I thought I's have to chime in.

All the best. :)

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Thank you very much the 1 my other half has is a mk6 zetec which he's buying bits for think he's trying to turn it in to a zetec s looks wise bit of a step down after a mondeo St maybe now he'll slow down 

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