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Fast Ford 2017 Calendar

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This year I had a 'Fast Ford' wall calendar, cost a fiver delivered which seemed good, I'm not part of their magazine or anything.  But I can't find one for next year...just wondered if anyone else had and I'm being thick lol?

Or any equivalents...doesn't have to be purely Ford but I'd like something modern/up to date rather than something with 20 year old stock photos lol.  I looked at places like ROLLHARD as I enjoyed their show earlier this year but it seems they're not doing one either. :sad: 

Maybe I'm just getting old and everyone uses electronic calendars nowadays? :unsure: 


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20 hours ago, WES180 said:

I prefer to look at some nice t i t s on my calenders.




I like the Bird calender's 😄😄 Robins are nice,that's the Red Breast ones.

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11 hours ago, jace1969 said:

Robins are nice,that's the Red Breast ones.

Topless sunbathing can do that, especially if she didn't use lotion:dry:

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12 hours ago, WES180 said:

Trust you to lower the tone!:whistling1:

I know and here us having and nice talk about Birds,we have a woodpecker sometimes,he aint a big woodpecker 😆  he as red bits.😀

Then again i do have a car calendar and a normal ford one would be great with all the old fords upto now.


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So, oddly I still haven't found anything decent and car related.  The only one I've seen with modern Fords is the Top Gear calendar but that's a bit 'meh' imo...

Might go for a funny one instead...  https://www.calendarclub.co.uk/humour/comics-and-cartoons/violent-veg-easel-calendar-2017-r180901

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