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FORD MOTORCRAFT 4+ Motorcraft Superplus Anti-freeze

M Lam

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I just found this on ford service website. Anyone done “Motorcraft Superplus Anti-freeze” with FORD? Are they any good?  Do you think this will include drain, flush and refill coolant as well as disposing of the old fluid?


Mine car is 10 years old . I got no idea the previous done it, as I just owned for 2 years. As per schedule, it need to drain, flush and refill every 10 years. The price looks good (just £39), as I heard ford focus need 6 litres coolants which cost me almost £28. Do you think they will use Ford Super-Plus Premium Anti-Freeze Coolant which might last for next 10 years?

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i would imagine they would flush the system out otherwise you would be paying just for them to top it up.

you could always give it ago yourself, take a hose off the bottom of the radiator, and refill yourself, antifreeze £10 tops for around 5ltr, just refill thru the expansion tank if the rad holds 10ltrs then its 5ltr water and 5ltr of antifreeze. if you have a haynes manual it should say how much water is in your system matey.

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