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Ford Focus S tdci 2.0

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Hi, I don't know if anyone can help me, a week ago I was driving on the motor way, when suddenly my car sort of did a hop, the engine turned off all the lights on the dash came on and then I had to roll to a stop, when I tried to restart it nothing happened it was ticking over but not starting at all. 

Got it towed home, and had 2 different diagnostic checks done on it by two different garages, both came back no faults, was told it might be the fuel pump so had that changed and nope still not starting, then had the filter changed and still nothing.... there is no warning lights or anything on the dash to say anything is wrong, I really don't know where to go from here, any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated... 


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The only thing I can think of relates to something similar that happened to me many years ago, also on the motorway. The difference in my case is that no warning lights appeared on the dashboard, it didn't 'hop' and things like the indicators still worked. It was a simple electrical failure and related to the immobiliser/alarm; that developed a fault and shut the engine down leaving me drifting to the hard shoulder.

Hopefully yours is similar as it was a simple and cheap repair

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