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mk2.5 electric power loss


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Mk2.5 dcti 2.0 58 plate.

Historically had fault code B1318, B1317 which is related to voltage too high or low. These I cleared.

I recently connected a dash cam and bluetooth module powered via ignition power as the aux 12V on focus is always live. I added these by piggybacking off the heated-seat fuse socket in the fuse box, and the new connection itself has 10amp fuse.

I found that the bluetooth and dash cam would lose power for a split second about once every 2-3 journies, eg ignition power gets disconnected for split second. The permanent live electrics were fine, eg main stereo and 12v socket.

This last time as this happened the Bluetooth lost power but the abs warning light came on, the car speedo dropped to zero, the engine lost power and rev started reducing even though my foot was on the accelerator. Everything then came back online without a restart etc, just a split second.

Any ideas what is going on?





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Left the car for 2 days. Pressed unlock, and it would not open, all lights were dead.

Opened the door with key, tried to start. Nothing, all dead.

On the 5th ignition attempt it just came alive, but with radio time ect reset. Drove without a flaw, and no codes.

I notice that that cluster and headlights sometimes go up and down in brightness at the same time.

Any help and insight would be appreciated!


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On 12/14/2018 at 10:09 AM, mjt said:

The first thing I would check would be the battery terminal connections. One or both could be loose or corroded.

Thanks for the headsup, yes checked the battery linkages, loosened+wire brush.

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I noticed that sometimes when I turn the wheel right a few of lights flicker (eps abs etc.) and the electric power to bluetooth and charger... cuts out for  a split second. And now that I'm thinking of it, the times it lost power were all when I was overtaking hence the wheel right.

So what could be happening when the wheel is turned about 5-10 degrees to the right?

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On 12/17/2018 at 4:32 PM, F0CUE said:

Does it only do it when weight is shifting or does it happen when stationery turning the wheel?

The fault(s) are really intermittent can't really put my finger on it.

Ok, so we went on long Christmas trip up north:

Split second power loss on the motorway: x2. corrected itself there and then.

Power steering malfunction error message: x2, once when I was doing a 3 point turn and once when I was going dead straight on the a1. The steering doesn't look like/feel like it actually has a fault.


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I changed the radio and now i don't have electric to the new unit . Also i tried to put the old unit back and again no electric to the radio control panel in ford focus 2013.

Any help here please what could go wrong ? 

Thanks in advance 

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