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Focus ST mk2 centre console lights not functioning

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As the title suggests, the centre console lights do not turn on with me turning the headlight control to the dipped beams. 

Dash is fine. 

Turbo gauge does not light but functions. 

Sony stereo lights around the edge ( numbers for stations etc do not light) 

HVAC or heating controls do not light. 

Separate functions like ac do light and all controls below ( esp, front screen, rear screen) 

can anyone suggest where the issue could lie for this, if it was just one of them, id think its the bulbs but as its most items in the select area can anyone suggest fuses to look at or if replacing the headlight control would be the best action to take. 



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This sounds weird.....

Do we assume that all the controls/radio/hvac etc function correctly and the dash light dimmer control works ?

Haynes manual shows one output from the dimmer going to an "unspecified joint or connector" without any additional feed all the other illumination, but it is only "typical", not ST specific.

I do no that if the oil temperature gauge does not move, to get it to work again, you disconnect the battery for 5 mins........

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hi, thanks for the response. 

so everything functions as intended from a functional perspective. so AC, Radio, centre Gauges all work. 

just when the lighting is switched on i do not get the back lighting. as an example. if i turn AC on yellow light will turn on to show that, but at night AC isnt illuminated. 

Not sure if this is controlled by fuse 104 battery saver, interior lights. Back Lighting for the Headlight unit itself does turn on. 

Ive tried disconnecting the battery this morning to see if that helped but unfortunately it didnt solve the issue. 

The dash dimmer control doesnt work. its on the same brightness no matter what i do. 

EDIT: Went back out to have a look, if i turn the Radio unit on without the ignition (1 hour mode) then the back lighting turns on so i can see that it works. its just not being told to do so on headlight turn on. 

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Been having a fiddle round with the wiring for the headlight control unit. seems that one of the wires is loose that controls this. Not sure which one it is though does anyone know which one would control this? 

When i removed and plug in without it being in the holder, it functions correctly. 

to be safe, ive ordered a second headlight control unti from same year ST. just to see if the problem is with the pin. When i reset to correct position the wiring is pressing against the plastic behind which i think could be having an effect. 

How easy is it to replace that loom ? ODB and Headlight loom

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