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2007 Zetec S - Radio Adapters!


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Havn't posted in a while, and since last time I have my self a new *second hand* fiesta- I went for the Mk6.5 Facelift Zetec S model.

She has had a few things done, and I myself have been hard at work improving the cars performance and look!

My latest job has got my stuck and I'd love to see other people's work to maybe link me to where they bought their parts or to suggest my next steps.

Basically, as some of you may know, this model comes with that rather large double din head unit, that requires 4 keys and some pulling and shoving to remove. I have accomplished that stage of the radio refit, and am left with a whacking great big whole. I have sourced the wiring loom adapters to get my after market stereo in, and have that all running. It just comes to the task of finishing the job.

My question to you, is -- What fascia is best to harness the single Din radio, and hide that huge whole that's left. I have found them out there from halfords/ebay etc, but these just face it, Im sure there must be something else that needs to be used to cage the radio to stop it slumping backwards like a cage.

Photos would be great if you have done this already!

I will try and upload photos of my car when the site allows me?

Thank you.

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