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HI, new member just saying hello.

My daughters picking up her 2001 Y Focus 1.8 diesel on Wednesday. I've checked it over and apart from the heater fan not working "the part is ordered", and a bald tyre, everything looks and drives ok. I was a little miffed that the dealer refused to reduce the price to allow for the tyre, but then I had negotiated the price down from £1495 to £1400 anyway to allow for the cambelt to be replaced, so I guess you can't be too greedy, can you?

Anyway, I hope I won't need to come on here too often to ask advice, but you never know, especially with a 11 year old car!

Just a small contribution which might be useful to someone:

I'm not sure which Fords have tyre pressure monitoring systems, but just in case anyone has a car fitted with these, I've just witnessed a tyre depot get round an issue with one, so that the customer did not have to replace the failed valve. These valves can apparantly break quite easily at the mounting point.

All they did was gaffer tape the valve to the inside of the rim, put the tyre back on, and as the valve itself is still operational and sending signal, the customer was a happy man, having saved himself around £100.

Just thought it was worth passing on.

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