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Titanium X Mis-Build

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Hi all - I ordered a Titanium X Diesel Automatic Hatch with the Technology Pack 2 option included (Keyless entry, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and 8 Way electrically powered drivers seat - cost £490) on Dec 15th. Delivery was due towards end of February. In January I was contacted and told that the Infinity Blue interior was no longer available, and it was now Ebony or nothing. It was confirmed that EVERYTHING else would be to the spec I had asked for. (DVD Nav, Solar Relecting screen, Bi-xenon headlights, Detachable towbar and the Tech Pack 2). I agreed to take the car with the Ebony trim, but I realise now that the Tech Pack 2 option was removed during the build at this time as well. This is all to do with the switch from building 2008 Model Year cars to ones of 2009 Model Year spec and options. Although the individual elements making up the Technology Pack are still available as options, (£825 total cost) the Tech Pack itself is not. Ford somehow neglected to inform anyone about this trivial matter...

I sold my own vehicle but, being of a cautious nature, waited until the Mondeo had been built and delivered to the dealer before parting with it. I was just waiting for the invoice from the dealer so I could pay the balance and take delivery - and then I was told about the missing Tech Pack... It is apparently not possible to retrofit these items once the car has been built due to the prohibitive labour costs involved, so I am now left without a vehicle, and have been told by the car broker that due to the number of similar mis-builds Ford are holding a meeting this Monday (9th March) to discuss what to do.

Has anyone else also been told this? I probably COULD live without the keyless entry, the TPM and the fancy drivers seat that made up the Pack, but after having had the change of trim colour more or less forced upon me already, I do feel very annoyed that this situation has been allowed to happen. I had hoped that by buying new I was getting all the little touches of luxury that I actually wanted rather than having to accept what was fitted in a car on a dealer's forecourt. This does not appear to be how it's going to turn out unless I reject the car and start again.

I am tempted to do this, get a hire car for the 12 weeks or so it will take to build another Mondeo (For the originally agreed price, which is rather less than the current price) and to claim the cost of the Hire Car from the dealer and Ford in the courts, if necessary, citing Breach of Contract as the reason for rejecting the existing car.

If I were to accept the car as it is, what sort of discount would anyone else in the same situation be looking for, on top of the £490 that the Pack would have cost - and bearing in mind that putting the individual elements on would have cost £825?

I'm sure mis-builds do happen to other manufacturers, but my previous cars bought from new (3 x Toyota Avensis!!) were all delivered bang on spec! I am beginning to regret not waiting for the Avensis Diesel Automatic config to arrive...

I would be really interested to find out just how big a problem this Tech Pack 2 mis-build is, and what similarly affected people have been told and what they are hoping for by way of resolving it. If anyone wants to talk or e-mail me about this I would be delighted to hear from them!

Many thanks.


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If they havent provided the car you ordered you should be well within your rights to reject the car and demand a courtesy car from the dealer until they put it right. If thats another 12 week build time then thats their problem.

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Now that is a lot of brass air fittings there is just about every type

of air fitting that you could want. Wholesale prices too. I guess these could be used as small water pipe fitting also. I

used some of the parts to make my babington wvo bu

:lol: :P

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