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Hi all just thought best to introduce myself and my new project.

Every day when I walk my boy to school we walk pass a mk6 state blue 3 door gti just rotting on someone's driveway , now my boy who is only 8 is a right petrol head and a massive fan of fords and ever day he asks about this little escort and if they will still be around when hes older, anyways this got me thinking so this monday after I dropped him off I walked back down to where this car sits and rots and knocked on the door.

The guy answers and I asked what was happening with the escort, he told me he had owned the car for 15 years but 2 years ago it failed its mot and he lost interest in it so there it sat , he went on to say that he was going to ring a scrap man to come and take it away as his wife wanted rid of it , so I told him about me and my boy talking about it most mornings and he said £50 and its yours .

With that I got in touch with a friend of mine and latter that evening we was back at the house with a low loader and £50 and a little lad who thought all his Xmas' s had come at once , yup you guessed it ive brought it for a long term venture for me and my lad.

Now the car is in a sorry state with various bits missing , all wheel caps have gone jack covers have gone tow cover is also missing but these are just bits and pieces we can source over time .

Ive had a good look over it now as its sitting in my friends lock up , body wise it needs both wheel arches doing outer sills will need replacing in time although there not a mot failure just yet , the bonnet as lost all its lacquer but aoart from that its not in too bad a state.

Ive since got it running but the clutch is shot so I need to sort that but she runs sweet. My friend is a mot inspector and has told us that it needs two front springs rear brake pipes 4 new tyre's and both track rods and a rear box , so not as bad as I thought .

My task now is to get it legal and moted as I can't keep it in his lock up for ever and a day.So the plan is now to get it back on the road and my wife is going to use it as a run about while me and my boy work at restoring to its former glory.

My goal is to get it to at least show standard and take it to a few shows but that will be in a few years time but the car will stay with us now indefinitely as it will be passed down to my boy as soon as hes old enough to drive .

Id say im above average at mechanics but body work im no good at all so that might be a costly part of the restoration for us and I know I'll be spending far more on the car than its market value at the moment but its going to be great father and son time so worth every penny.

We've been up the lock up most nights this week and my boys is so on the tools im really proud of him hes not your typical 8 year old he is car mad and so eager to learn , hes not top school type but put a set of spanners in his hands and watch him go .

Anyways thats my story , a 45 year old and his 8 year old boy restoring a mk6 gti.With the help from you guys im sure .

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Nice one! intresting story and well written!

You should take pictures of each stage and make a build thread on here (there is now a section for this)

Oh - welcome to the forum!

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Andy, welcome too the family

I have to say I love the story. The perfect opportunity and an excellent present for your son. .looking forward to seeing this one.

Don't forget to do a thread in the build project section.

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Jealous much?! Lol

You can't put a price on family :-)

Please do keep us updated!! Hopefully in 9/10 years time your lad will be posting to say "At last!! She's mine!!"

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