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Jump Starter For Larger Engine Diesels? Help!


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with my petrol focus i always kept a booster pack in the boot, luckily never needed to use it but i like the peace of mind that its there

i have just upgraded to a bigger engine diesel and now my old booster pack is not sufficient enough

i have been searching high and low and every single booster pack i can find says they are only suitable for petrol engines up to a 2.5 and diesels up to a 2.0. i have a 2.2 diesel

is there no booster packs suitable for a 2.2 diesel?

if not then what are my options? i do not want jumper cables

if there are suitable booster packs available, can someone please link me to one?

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What's your budget?

Similar to the one mintalkin has put up, here is the next model up with compressor too. Not cheap, far from it but if you can go with someone who has a vat free ticket you will save a fair bit.

Good units, and good for 3 litre diesels.


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About that i suppose. Does look like what im after. I do want something with the power socket and air compressor.

But why is it twice the price as the many others? Why is none of the others suitable for any diesel over 2.0? Mines only 2.2 so up to 3.0 seems a bit overkill. Its annoying that all the others will happily do a 2.5 petrol but only up to 2.0 diesel and I'm marginally outside that

This booster pack costs as much as the new battery ive just had put in

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Starting a diesel takes much more effort and power due to the higher compression. Add to that cold and thick oil at this time of year and you may need that slightly oversize pack anyway.

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With a petrol engine generally you'll be fine with any booster box in my experience (as long as the battery still has some power), but you need a powerful one for diesels for the above mentioned reasons.

I should really buy a booster box for the Focus as my last one died about a year ago and at this time of year with an older battery you should always be prepared... And I'm not!

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