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New Car Help And Spider Tuning Box


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First time on the forum so hi :) but this will be our second Ford (the first being a 2002 KA)

We are looking to get a second car for the first time as we've always shared a car but we are going to be travelling very different directions soon. I'll have my usual 24 mile round trip and my partner will have a 52 mile round trip each day.

We currently own a 1.6D Alfa Giulietta, with one of these Spider tuning boxes (Which are excellent), this car now has a great mix of economy (52mpg currently averaging in winter on my 24 mile 50/50 mix of motorway/town traffic, A lot more in summer on longer journeys) speed (140bhp with 400nm torque, top speed 132mph tested on the autobahn ;) ) and handles brilliantly when pushed.

I do love my Giulietta however my partner needs it more now with her soon to do twice the motorway miles I do so I'm looking for something similar (okay slightly toned down and less costly) in terms of a great mix of economy, power and handling and reading lots of reviews for cars I've been lead here as I really like the look of the Fiesta Titanium 125 ecoboost.

I'm also maybe interested in the titanium X version too but at a minimum I want to keep some of my current comforts of Auto wipers/lights/dimming mirror and climate control, however I'm totally decided on the 125 ecoboost engine and as its turbo charged I'm also going to add another Spider Tuning box which after speaking to Spider themselves said they have tried the box with the 125 and it gives about 25% increase in bhp (about 155ps) and about 18% increase in torque (about 147 lb/ft or 234nm).

So I'm really not feeling too hard done by loosing the Giulietta anymore but I have a few questions.

1. What is the actual differences advantages between the Titanium and Titanium X?

2 A. Although we bought the Giulietta right out (7 months old for a great price) this maybe our first Brand new car and we are totally new to the options of Finance/Leasing/Borrowing, our plan is to keep this car for the next 3 years then get rid of both cars towards a nice Jag (We all have to have plans and dreams). We don't really care about owning or not being able to trade the Fiesta in aslong as we don't have to pay anything towards the car after 3 years.

So what is the best finance/leasing/borrowing that would work with our plan?

2 B. If we decided to save a bit of money and go for a nearly new/used version can you still get finance/leasing deals?

Thanks and hoping to become part of the community :)

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I'm not 100% sure on the titanium vs tit X but I'm pretty sure the X has more luxuries than the standard titanium. Fords website should shine a light on this though!

As for getting a nearly new one. I was 1 week away from getting a nearly new (6 month old) Zetec S on fords PCP and overall it worked out slightly (only slightly mind) cheaper than buying a brand new one.

PCP is good if you don't mind owning the car at the end unless you want to pay a huge amount up front!

Might look into that spider box though, seems pretty good for a tuning box!


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