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Rado Grey Alloy Cleaning


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Have a look in your local Asda for Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels.

I got 3 bottles at 3 quid each from mine - reduced.

The guy said that they had randomly got a load in but they weren't supposed to - so they sold it off.

Agreed about this purple stuff though. It's awesome. Spray on. Leave for 5 mins. And if you can use a brush on those ST wheels you can get right behind to clean them.

Good stuff.

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Wonder wheels is a very very acidic wheel cleaner. If you spray it on your wheels and it goes through onto the calipers and other components behind the wheels it will deteriorate the finish in no time at all ! It will also strip the finish from wheels over time.

Never allow that stuff to dry or it will mark your wheels !

The only time I would use that product is on severely soiled wheels and then I would remove the wheels from the car to clean them.

If you get your wheels properly cleaned and sealed or waxed all you will need after that is soap and water.

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I'm very cautious when it comes to wheel cleaners now - the stuff I used on my last car (turtle wax I think) started corroding the centre badges around the edges, and always seemed to dry before I had a chance to get the brush round the whole wheel. Plus I read something once that said these wheel cleaners are designed to eat through brake dust, so imagine what it does when overspray gets all over your brake pads! Since then I've just used car shampoo on them as I don't trust anything!

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I use bilberry wheel cleaner... non-acidic and truly great stuff! I use it at 1:3 dilution and it gets rid of everything... can be used neat if you coated your wheels in lead or something ;)


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I've used Wonder wheels for years and years and never had a problem with it, complete myth by a local pub hero no doubt,

Actually made my tatty Clio wheels look nice after a few bottles went through them. had no affect on the discs or anything, water from the hose sorts that out.

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hi take a look

here http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=2

i would use something a bit more gentle.

me to,wonder wheels is great for baked on brake dust every year or so but i find the modern cleaners like the bilt hamber just dissolve the stuff in a few mins.

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