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Stupid question, Which kind of Air Filter?


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Hey guys, probably a stupid question but...How can I figure out which kind of air filter my car uses? I know the simple answer is to go out and look for myself, but unfortunately due to working retail and it being the run up to christmas time I barely have time to scratch my butt, Let alone pulling apart an airbox in the car! Just looking a bit of advice as I want to get the parts in for a service but Euro car parts is giving me two different kinds of filter. A normal 'flat' one and a round, cylinder one.

So...Which is the one I need? Car is a 1.6 petrol MK2.

Many thanks.  

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if you don`t have the time to undo the 4 screws on the air filter box and have a look at what sort it is flat or round, then how are you gonna find the time to fit the new filter in.

at a guess i would say it`s a flat filter for your car ;-)

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 This may help from JW1982.

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The early Focus MK2 versions did have flat panel type air filters. Every type of engine basically has a slightly different type of air filter.  After the interior facelift (early 2007) all engine types (except the Focus ST)  have the same round type air filter. This round type air filter is currently still used on all Focus MK3/MK3.5 versions.

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