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cracked rear windscreen


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Hi, the rear windscreen in my car has cracked right at the bottom by the stitching (2 idiots fighting and fell on it) so i need to replace as soon as possible can anyone please recommend a reasonably priced garage that does it in the east London area please. or is it easy enough for me to change myself? i'm not to bad at DIY for a woman and do try to do most things myself but i am a bit afraid that if i get this wrong it will work out costly and i just cant afford for that to happen. I have been asked if i have a partner who can do it and the answer is no i dont so need to be able to do it myself or garage. Also where is the best place to order one from. 

Many thanks :)

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have you tried asking your insurance company under the windscreen policy (read what your policy says first)

for now, get some clear duck tape to stop the water getting in

this may help...


I did my pug306 and its pretty easy - hardest bit is cleaning up all the surfaces



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i looked at ones online, but i dropped on this one from cleaned it up and it was all gd.  by all means go for a new one, but its each to there own and end off day you will be waiting while you post off etc, yet if you have one ready at least you can swap right away and then if want send yours for replace.

but for me made sense to pick up and do in matter off few hours

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thanks for all the info guys its all great.

replacing myself seems a bit tricky it all sounds a bit fiddley and while i'm not to bad at DIY i dont think this is something i will be able to do.

i have looked at 2nd hand ones and i have been quotes £48 plus postage and someone else said i need to get the whole roof replaced! but if i cant a new plastic fitted for £85 i'm happy with that Problemchild where did get that done please?

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Marco thanks for the vote of confidence. I may leave it at my sisters house and ask you to do it hahaha

she lives in Pencoed

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