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What photo program you use on Android phone.


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Do you use the normal Google photos and Google Drive for the photos on your phone,take them and it comes up on your p.c.

Also do you really need Google Photos and Drive or is just the photo one ok and does the same.

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I use Google Photos on my OnePlus and have set it to upload over Wi-Fi when charging. Works well for me and then I can pick and choose what I want to download onto my PC if needed.

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9 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

How do they end up on the PC?

I've got an android phone but have to manually move photos via USB cable... :unsure:

I have no idea what program it uses though, just says gallery? 

If you install Google on your p.c (google photos or drive or even both) they will come onto you p.c from your phone,go into setting on your phone

and on your p.c and they just come there,great thing and works like Icloud on your iPhone but i think a bit more tools going through drive and photos.

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What i would like to know,is it worth having google photos and google drive installed and what do you gain and also all they all the while stored

on google cloud not direct to your p.c Hard Drive.

Back to using this now just on the photos as no need to use drive as no files etc just pics.

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